Mr Ridaner Chapter 1

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Oct 7, 2017 07:22
"I am not sure" -say loudly Mr Ridaner walking between his room and his kitchen. He is talking to himself, because as always he is alone in the flat.

"What to do? Is it worth all that risk? What if I'll fail?"

"You can't fail. You can only don't get what you want. It is not your decision. You can only ask her and wait" - say Mr Ridaner. He finished a dialogue. With hmself of course- the flat is empty, as always was.

"But there are plenty other girls in that city! Haven't you ever heard about the oldest student's rule: Do not take a girlfriend from your own university group! - other part of Mr Ridaner apparently thinks it is not the end.

"I am not even in the friendzone. am I?"
There is no answer. There never would be if he didn't change his life.
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