Sport Day at Elementary School

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Sep 18, 2016 11:30
Yesterday was the sport day at my daughter's elementary school.
On my way to school, I met a mother of her friend. I had hardly talked with her,but she talked over me from her. It seemed the sport day made everyone friendly.
Her daughter is in the special class due to having trouble to communicate with others.
But she doesn't look such a girl in my opinion.
She usually behaves normally, but she sometimes can't keep her feelings under her control, gets upset, screams something, and scratchs her hair. Her mother said.
I hope that she will get to used the unfamilar situations surrounding her.
At the school, I met a father of my daughter's friend for the first time in a while.
He has three daughters, and the youngest one is the same grade as my daughter.
The second one is 12 years old, and seems to be adolescene. She never looks at him in spite of noticing him here. He said sadly.
At the end of the event, a woman came cross to me to talk with.
Two months ago, she quit her job and started a new business.
I was asked some advice about how to keep books as a accountant.
There were some interesting encounters on the sport day for me.
In addion, her team was lost.
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