Well, the fact that Chinese people have been living like this for a...

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May 13, 2018 11:01
Well, the fact that Chinese people have been living like this for a couple of decades made us quite ingenuous about creating coded vocabulary. We dare to say something against the government on social media, and a person in my wechat list even posted a picture against the decision that's aimed at abolishing presidensial terms. But he deleted it after a few minute of posting I think. Of course, people won't go as far as posting things literarily against the government things like "down to the communist China" As I said, we sometimes say things in coded statement, but people can earily figure out what it means. We have a strict cybercencorship, certain words cannot be written on certain social media, using coded statement helps us to communicate things we want without getting ourselves in trouble. If you are able to read chinese, I would recommend reading news on Netease- a fairly right-wing news channel, perhaps it's the commentors that make it right-wing, what you might come across on Netease may surprise the hell out of you. Some people there are biased against CCP, and they would sometimes be devel's advacates being judgemental about everything CCP does, even the good things, and trying to find any plus side possible from a tragity happened in western countries. However, when it comes to news about Xi or the party, the comment section would be in one tone, prasing him, any comment saying slightly bad thing about him would be deleted instantly, even in coded statement.