Eventful Day Part One

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May 27, 2018 18:51
My colleague and I had an adventure at work the other day. I want to talk about it here, because everything was so coincidental, but in a bad way. My company has received a test from the headquarter months ago, which is that my company is required to send people out, on a regular basis, to drive a truck (my company sells trucks) to some logistic markets where we have to talk to people, telling them the advantages of our trucks, asking if they are interested, and taking pictures as a proof that we have done it ect. I was tasked with that on that day, along with my colleague. Although I wasn’t supposed to do it, I’m in charge of foreign market. My colleague wasn’t so willing to go there with me, apparently because I cannot drive. There weren’t any drivers ready to talk to us in the first logistic market we arrive at. So we kept finding another market, and this mission fell upon the shoulder of my map. We knew that we should not trust maps too much, but this is what we did. We finally tasted the bitterness of trusting maps too much when we were forced to go to a charged bridge after we blindly followed the direction my map pointed. But they only accepted cash, so we had to come up to the person behind us to ask him to give us some cash and in return we sent the same amount of money to him by phone. And this seemed to be the first of several other mishaps that followed. The truck we were driving was not considered legitimate to go on roads for some reason. We met the people that we were afraid of most- traffic police, right after we crossed the bridge, but fortunately they did not notice us so we just drove by. We were supposed to drive back at the next place where we could reverse our direction, but since they were still there what we could not do is to drive back from the bridge. So we continued driving and finding an alternative road to drive back.