A Conversation with an Iranian-Part One

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May 8, 2018 21:43
However, what he later said revealed the reasons behind this, and it astonished me to hell. The government will only check your chat when you apply for a job in governmental sectors, and the logic of the government, in my opinion, is that when you are going to step into the inner circle it has to make sure whether you are with the government or against it. He actually experienced that when he was applying for an English teacher at a public school. The interviewee asked some questions that utterly surprised him: whether you have participated in the parade happened last month, whether you are able to recite Quran, whether you voted in the last election and if not the reason why ect. These questions had nothing to do with someone’s ability to teach apparently, and from his tone he got really annoyed. He knew the answer they wanted hear so did pretty much everybody else in Iran, so he lied to them on some questions. But there were things he could not lie, because they were written on his ID card or elsewhere which they had access to. Unfortunately, he got rejected. It’s not because his English was not good enough nor he did not have the ability to teach, he got rejected on grounds of his Sunni identity and the fact that he did not vote ect.
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