A conversation with an Iranian part one (the essay is too long, so I split it into two parts)

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May 7, 2018 22:32
I have been told by most of the Iranians I met online that they all wanted to immigrate to another country. But it was until recently that I got to know the more specific reasons. One of my Iranian friend elaborated on the current political and social environment in Iran in a conversation we had the other day. He told me that the government was trying to promote an app called Srooch that’s made by the government and to replace telegram with that. The irony is that no one wants to use it even though it’s basically a data-free app. The reason the government wanted to promote it is that the government has full access to the app so the government can monitor the people better, but it’s the very reason that makes people don’t like it. At first, I don’t understand why people are giving so much concern over internet safety, because even though the government has access to you conversation with others on certain apps I don’t think it will go through everyone’s chat, and what’s the point of reading my chat? It’s not worth a reading for the government.
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