Dream is comming true

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Jul 3, 2011 04:43
This is not my story.
I have a brother 3 years younger than me.

After Summer vacation, 5 years ago, when I was new employment and my brother was third grade of university, he went to hair salon.
Most Japanese university student start job hunting, so they have colored their hair to black.
# You may know many Japanese student colored their hair brown or gold.

My brother hadn't colored his hair, but he colored his hair gold when he came to back from hair salon, and he said

"I wanna play dance, I love it. Please give me time for dance until I'm 30."

I thought I can't under stand what he said. I know he loves dance and doesn't like study.
It is known to be a pro-dancer is very hard and narrow gate.
He started dance in high school, he had been danced for only 5 years at that time.

I thought he reckless, he have to get standard job and play dance as a hobby.

After his graduate, he started part time job, and he practice hard and try to small dance event.
One day he met a teacher, he seem a famous choreographer and he is American.

Some times, my brother get some job from him.
My brother shows his dance some event, and teaching.

In this month, he'll come to back America.
He asked my brother "come to America with me."

He decided go to America for 1 year.
He got a very big chance.

He gets this chance for his hard trying.
I wanna get something to do hard, like a his dance.

I hope his success and I want to him to be a big dancer.