An unhappy Thursday

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Jun 11, 2010 00:17
This morning I quarreled with my teacher,for he took a test today,and the test would play an important part in our final examination.
Unfortunately I forgot to take my eyeglasses ,what was worse he used PPT instead of copy,so I came to to the front row in order to see things clearly.But I still couldn't see clearly so I asked my classmates in the back row,he criticized me and stopped my asking.
After I handed in my paper,I felt upset,worried even angry!So I asked my teacher why he didn't tell us this test so that we can do some preparation,at least I can take my eyeglasses,but he said that was my fault.I couldn't understand him so I left the classroom.
My classmates told me that after my leaving he called the role,angrily said he must find my name.He asked the classmates what was my name but they said they don't know.He felt disgraced at that time,maybe.
After class I came to him to make an apologyze.But he just asked my name and I think he doesn't pardon me at all.I'm afraid that he will make me unfail in the final exam.Now I make effort to learn his lesson well in order to pass the exam.
Everytime I confront with frustration I become homesick.I really want to go back to my hometown.What a blast day!Oh,maybe it is a little rough.