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Jun 1, 2017 11:31
Do you think print newspapers and magazines will disappear in the future?
Words: from 120 to 150
Points:choose 2 from below (All right only if these contain. Words formations are allowed.)
Speed of news / consumer preference
Cost effectiveness / health issues

In my opinion, the existence of print newspapers and magazines will last forever, and I have two reasons to support this view.
To begin with, even though gadgets like the Internet and an e-mail prevail, what someone writes has merits. It takes newspapers and magazines printed by him or her a lot of time to inform people of what people want to know. However, the things that are published make our brains more active because the skills for us to understand what is written are needed.
Secondly, consumers prefer print newspapers and magazines. That is because tools such as the Internet and an e-mail sometimes break though such tools thrive. If that happens, one can depend only on print newspapers and magazines.
For these reasons, I believe there is no possibility that print newspapers and magazines will die out.