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Jun 18, 2016 07:30
I took my masters degree in Information technologies at the Penza State University of Technologies in 2010. Since third course Im working as programmer engineer in OAO NPP “Rubin”. I applied for post graduate course (Phd course?) last year and now I'm a full-time post graduate student of subdepartment of "Computer Technologies". My scientific supervisor is Professor, Doctor of technical sciences V.I. Gorbachenko. Let's talk about my research work. Originally, the theme of my dissertation was “Distributed algorithms in automated control systems”. I spent a lot of research in the field of automated control systems. The results, I immediately put into practice on the job. Accumulated data was enough to write about a quarter of the dissertation. But then I digress from the main theme. The reason for that was the philosophy of science classes. Through these studies I became interested in the topic of pseudoscience, in particular, its manifestation in the scientific knowledge translation system. Currently matured real conflict - the current journal system no longer meets modern requirements, and all attempts to modify it does not have the desired influence. Primarily, it is related to the commercialization of this system. I got an idea that the key to resolving the conflict could serve modern technology, namely the distributed systems. I spent all my vacation for analysis literature and I've got a solution. The result of my research was the distributed synergetic science knowledge translation system. I gave it a code name “NewSciLib”. Tomorrow I'm going to a conference in St. Petersburg, where I will represent my system. If I get a positive feedback, I change my theme to “Distributed science knowledge translation system” and and I will continue to work in this direction.
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