I became 50 years old last month.

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Sep 16, 2017 14:05
I became 50 years old last month. So I'm interested in things which are around 50 years old.

I have three fountain pens which are about 50 years old.

The first one was made on a day that during the period of 1969 to the mid-70s. This is made in Japan. This is younger than me.

The another one was made in 1965 to 1970. This is made in the USA. I'm not sure this is older or younger than me because I was born in 1967.

The last one was made in 1964 or 1965. This was produced only one year. This is made in the USA.
This is definitely older than me.

These three are working well even now. Maybe next 50 years, those pens will be working fine.
So I think I'll work, too.