Japanese economic assistance and Japanese suicide

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Dec 24, 2017 11:22
Japanese economic assistance and Japanese suicide

Japan carries enormous economic support and economic assistance to overseas countries and regions.

Japan supports a trillion yen and hundreds of billions of yen to one country.

I would like the people in the countries receiving support and assistance to know the following matters.
Thirty thousand people commit suicide every year in Japan.
In fact it is said that 110,000 people committed suicide and it is said that 160,000 people are dead when including suspicious death.

Japan can not save this same Japanese citizen and is doing a huge amount of aid to many overseas countries.

Everyone in countries with unstable political situation, refugees, please do not waste hands Japan has handed over.

Please cherish your own life and survive.
It does not mean that Japan is providing assistance with ease.
Japan has poor resources and the diligence of the Japanese has brought Japan prosperity.
But now, Japan is not prosperous never.

Please do not forget that 110,000 Japanese people committed suicide annually and their families are sorrowful.