"This is such a symptom"

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Oct 30, 2018 09:30
"This is such a symptom"

① Occipital area hurts. The painful places change according to the day.

② I feel dizzy. I wander when I stand.

③ I feel dizzy even when I am asleep. It is similar to motion sickness when I got on a coffee cup type playground equipment in an amusement park.

④ I got a bit of nausea.

⑤ I took a day off from work but did not recover. The third day was the most severe. My mood was too bad to go to the doctor. I should have called an ambulance.

⑥ On the fourth day, I went to work from the afternoon. I avoided the stairs and used a station with an elevator. My heart hurt a little.

⑦ I went to a marketing company on Saturday. I worked from 12 o'clock to 21 o'clock. After coming home, I tried to make a cafe au lait and sprinkled hot water of a water heater on my feet. I burned my right leg.

⑧ Eczema in the body was made in early October. It has subsided now.

⑨ I worked not only weekdays but also weekends and holidays 8 hours a day. Are these symptoms caused by overwork?

10: Did I fall asleep so I fell down and hit the back of the head?