"Super Blue Blood Moon"

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Feb 5, 2018 22:24 天文学 スーパーブルーブラッドムーン Lune
A very rare astronomical phenomenon called "Super Blue Blood Moon" was observed for the first time in 150 years, on the night of January 31.

"Super Blue Blood Moon" is a phenomenon where all three of the following occur simultaneously.
① "Super Moon" where the disk of the moon seen from the earth is the largest
② "Blue Moon" where the full moon appears twice a month,
③ "Blood Moon" where the moon turns red due to the total lunar eclipse

It is a rare astronomical phenomenon that we do not know whether we can see it once in our life.

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★"Super Blue Blood Moon" 5 collages.

☆4 collages of white moon before becoming "Super Blue Blood Moon."

★ Please look at the picture on the bottom right of both.
I got a picture of the moon like a small dot around 21:30.
I could only take pictures of such a small moon from above the pedestrian overpass.
I managed to see the moon because I made a big increase.

☆ After walking around for about an hour, I saw a big "Super Blue Blood Moon" near my house. It appeared slightly above the building.
Though,I was looking through the cell phone, Super Blue Blood Moon could not be seen at all. Even though I tried it many times, I could not see it through a mobile phone.
I gave up taking pictures of the big "Super Blue Blood Moon."

However, I thought that "Super Blue Blood Moon" was reflected when I took a picture even though I could not see with the naked eye through a mobile phone.
I regret very much. I wonder if I can shoot it at the next opportunity?

Please click here to see the picture.




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