Paris travel alone ♡Luggage inspection at the Orangerie Museum

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Feb 26, 2020 01:22
Paris travel alone ♡Luggage inspection at the Orangerie Museum

At last I arrived at the Orangerie Museum!
People are lined up!
But I only waited 10 minutes before entering.
I thought I'd wait about an hour!
Finally, when I enter, oh! Baggage inspection had been performed.
I took off the down coat, took off the pouch, and took out two mobile phones.
Baggage inspection was conducted in two places.
I took a left baggage inspection.
A strong middle-aged woman was in charge.
She looks like an African woman.
A middle-aged woman opened my bag and stirred it!
The lid of the colored pen came off and disappeared.
I rushed and stood a colored pen in the bag with the lidless side up.
The middle-aged woman took the colored pen and placed it in my bag, with the open side down.
Then the inside of the bag will get dirty with a colored pen!
I gave up and passed the physical examination gate.
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