Paradise and Hell ③ Hell Edition ⑴

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Nov 25, 2017 15:04
Paradise and Hell ③ Hell Edition ⑴

Wednesday the day before yesterday was heaven.
I won the first place at work.
When I went to the office, I got a new Starbucks coffee.
But yesterday, it turned from heaven to hell.

Yesterday Thursday was a holiday,
I worked at a company near Roppongi.

I was exhausted and I could not get up to the minute.
In the morning, I took a shower and washed my hair.
I dried my hair with a dryer.

It was early work in the morning.
From the morning it is raining hard.
I put on rain boots. Rain boots were heavy.

From my house to the company near Roppongi it will take more than an hour on foot.
Even if I walk with an umbrella on a rainy day, it will be drenched when I get to the office.
I put on my big backs my changing pants. The back became heavy.

Both rain boots and bags are heavy. It is easy to slide in the rain.
If I run and then fall, I may be hospitalized again.
I walked slowly.

As a result, I was late for a few minutes.