Naomi Osaka can not speak Japanese at all.

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Feb 12, 2019 21:33
Naomi Osaka can not speak Japanese at all.

When Naosumi Osaka won the tennis US Open, many Japanese got strange.

She is a Japanese name but she can not speak Japanese at all.

Her father is an American from Haiti and her mother is a Japanese.

There are two reasons why she registered as a Japanese tennis player.

The person who registered in Japan is easy to be selected as a representative.

Many Japanese sportsmakers will become her sponsors.

When she won the Australian Open, Japanese sponsors asked her to comment in Japanese.

But she can hardly speak Japanese.

She could only say "curry rice" when she won in the US Open.

Her mother is Japanese, why can not she do simple greetings in Japanese?

She does not make such efforts.

Such as "My mother is a Japanese, I love Japan," etc ,she should say simple Japanese.

Naomi Osaka thinks only about tennis team's representative in Japan and sponsors in Japan.

Among the Japanese, is there a real fan of her?
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