Would you translate 20 kinds of "Kit Kat" from Japanese to English?

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Mar 31, 2018 06:57
Would you translate 20 kinds of "Kit Kat" from Japanese to English?

A French young man comes to Japan in April.
He says he wants to buy many "Kit Kat" for souvenirs.
I examined about "kit cut" for him.
I was surprised at many kinds of "Kit Kat".
It was even more surprising as it had many unique tastes.

Would you translate 20 kinds of "Kit Kat" from Japanese to English?
It is sold at Mega don Quijote in Shibuya.

1 Amazake
Amazake is a drink prepared from fermented sweet rice.
2 Matcha · Whole tea leaves
3 Strong · Uji Tea
4 (sweetness of adults) Uji Matcha
5 Uji Matcha ・ Ito Kyuemon in Kyoto
6 Wasabi
7 The taste of biscuits sandwiched between Adzuki‐bean cream
8 The taste of a Japanese maple shaped bun with a bean‐jam filling
9 Standard taste (crispy texture)
10 Strawberry Cheesecake Taste
11 (daily luxury) Cranberry and almonds
12 (sweetness of adults) savory smell of cacao
13 Mini Pack for Easter
14 Rum raisin
15 purple yam
16 sake
 Sake is a fermented alcohol beverage made from rice.
17 (sweetness of adult) an elaborate raspberry
18 Onsen-manju taste (feeling after taking a bath)
Onsen-manju refers to a manju (a bun stuffed with azuki-bean paste)
sold in towns and resorts of hot springs
19 Luxury Matcha (feeling after taking a bath)
20 Strawberry Amaou

20 types of "Kit Kat"
Mega don Quijote at Shibuya in Japan

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1 甘酒味
2 抹茶・まるごと茶葉
3 濃・宇治抹茶
4 (大人の甘さ) 宇治抹茶
5 宇治抹茶 伊藤久右衛門 京都
6 わさび
7 あずきサンド味
8 もみぢ饅頭味
9 スタンダード味 (サクッサク食感)
10 ストロベリーチーズケーキ味
11 (毎日の贅沢) クランベリーとアーモンド
12 (大人の甘さ) 深いカカオの香り
13 ミニイースターパック
14 ラムレーズン
15 紅いも
16 日本酒
17 (大人の甘さ) こだわりのラズベリー
18 温泉饅頭味 (湯上り気分)
19 贅沢抹茶  (湯上り気分)
20 あまおう苺



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