Hello, today I would like to tell you about my wife.

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Mar 12, 2017 01:50
Hello, today I would like to tell you about my wife.
Her name is Ola. Ola is pretty and nice woman. She is a student. Now she is ending her study as philologist of Japanese language in MSU and blah-blah-blah… But it is not general information. I would be better I tell you about more important things than her study or her name.
The most important thing for me is our relationship.
She is much younger than me, but something tell me that she remain young all her live. She has more energy than nuclear power plant. She is my little but very hot sun. It makes me happy to find her every evening in my bad and feel her hot body. Her sweet, sleepy phase touches me every morning. I can’t image my live without her. Our relations are not easy. Sometimes we quarrel. Sometimes we can cry or fight. But we are together so far und our love make my happy.
She is the most important human in my world. When I see old people in the street who hold hands und laugh, I wish to be with my wife in the old age like they.