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Jun 5, 2017 22:43
I became to teach the piano. It is fun and I rarely have trouble with my students. The other day a mother brought her 5 years -old son to my class. He didn't seem to be interested in music at all. He couldn't sit on the chair and walked around the room. His mother said "He is interested in music and I'm looking for a teacher who makes him like playing the piano. I want you not to use text books and give him a lesson on his pace". When I asked him something, he answered with a word and his mom added words or answered the different answer.She told him "You like songs." but he was fidgeting and wanted to leave the room. I told her to wait for the lesson until he would tell her to want to learn the piano. She got mad at my words and went out with pulling his arm. She said to me " He enjoys his Karate Lesson but you cannot give him a good lesson, then I don't need you." before she shut the door. I have never seen such a terrible mom.