The medium used in “Wadjigan People” is acrylic in Linen and shows ...

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Dec 11, 2017 17:19 english correction
The medium used in “Wadjigan People” is acrylic in Linen and shows a landscape. The dimmensions of this artwork are 151 centimeters for the widht and 91 centimeters for the height.
The painting refers to the ancestors of the artist.
We can see a very colourfull masterpiece. The artist uses bright colours and every colours in this painting have a meaning. For example, green is for food because food is always plentiful in the artist’s tribe like the blue colour for freshwater. Small black and red circles are the different wadjigan tribes that walked before McCarthy’s tribe. Also, white circles are the white stones in the bottom left corner used to sing someone to the artist.
McCarthy’s goal is to highlight her family past and their values for example the importance of nature. That’s why by this painting she shows a developped landscape with a lot of grass and freshwater. Wadjigan people were aware of nature and used it only to maintain their tribe alive. What strikes me in this painting is that it is very original and abstractive and I really like this painting because it sends me positive vibes.
To conclude, I think this artwork deserves to be part of our on-line collection because in this time where climate and earth are in danger with climate changes for example. We need to have example of other ways to live who are more conscious of the importance of the ecology and respect the nature.