The Appreciation for Immigrants Increased in the US

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Jul 4, 2017 07:58
According to a Gallup poll, more Americans believe that immigrants help the economy than those who consider they damage it, which represents a historical change in the attitudes of the population.
After more than five months since Donald Trump took the office, 49 percent of the Americans believe that the immigrants help the economy offering low cost labor, comparing with 40 percent of the people who consider they are harming as they pushing the wages down.
“It is an almost total reversion since the last time Gallup made the question in 2005, when a higher number of Americans (49 percent) believed immigrants affected the economy, more than those who thought otherwise. (42 percent)
Even more: 72 percent of the US’ population even recognizes immigrants accept jobs that people who born in the US simply do not want to do.
These statistics show a gradual and progressive increment in the appreciation from the Americans to the contributions of immigrants in general, despite of the politics of Trump’s Administration which, according to some activists, reflect hostility toward illegal immigrants.
In 1993, during Clinton’s presidency, almost two-thirds of Americans considered that immigrants did more harm than good to the country. Although the proportion decreased from1999 to 2000, it increased again in 2004.
The poll showed that following the Trump’s “harsh policies” to immigrants, there is no surprise that the members of his own Republican Party have less probability to consider immigrants as helpful to the country.
While just 28 percent of republicans appraise the contributions of immigrants, that number is duplicated in the case of democrats with 59 percent.
“This is a contrast when Gallup made this question in 2005 when 40 percent of democrats considered the immigration as good for America, compared with 35 percent of their counterparts.
Only one date has been consisted in the perceptions of Americans about immigrants: the fact that they accept jobs that no one wants.
For instance, in 2004 77 percent of Americans believed immigrants are willing of work “undesirable jobs”.