A Person you know is planning to move to your town or city. What do you think that person would like and dislike about living in your town or city. Why?

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Jul 24, 2010 22:29 TOEFL
A friend of mine from college is moving to my city.
I live in an urban city and I prefer living in here but I think there are pros and cons.
I think there are things he will like about living here. For example, he likes to drink alcohols.

If he wants, he can drink a various alcohols in this town every day.
Also, he likes to buy something. He can buy wears, furniture, shoes, suit if he wants.
On the other hand, the cost of living in an urban city is very expensive. The living cost will be double and we don’t have a “FREE DRINKING” system which is common in country side in restaurants. In addition to that, we are far from mountains and the beach.

I know he likes to go surfing or skiing and he can’t be patient to this kind of situation.
In my opinion, the atmosphere will be opposite between his town and my town.

Sometime, Urban city changes the personal character because there are many interesting things and temptations. I have been in this town for 6years and I have spent a lot of money to a lot of things.

If I lived in the country side, I could save money and got married.
Tokyo is exciting city but I can’t recommend him to live in here because he must spend his money to buy something.

In addition, people who live in Tokyo are not so polite and kind because they are really busy and they are indifferent to somebody.
In my situation, I lived with my colleges in the company condominium when I moved to this town.

So I didn’t feel lonely but he is not new graduate person.
He needs to make his friends in this town by his selves. So, it must be tough.