For as long as I can remember, people have been debating the pros a...

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Jul 17, 2013 15:45
For as long as I can remember, people have been debating the pros and cons of the statement that people should spend time enjoying leisure activities with something distinguishable from what they do at working place.

From my personal viewpoint, I strongly concur with the above statement for the following reasons.

(a)People feel stress from their work and this is because people should have different hobbies.
In my experience, I had felt stress a lot rather than I imagined at workplace. Your stress erodes your mind sometimes and gets you sick. Some people prefer to live far away from their office because they'd like to make their private separate from business.
For example, there are rich people and they can live near the office but most of them prefer to live in the place where at least 1hour from their office. If they lived near office, they could not focus on their mind to private things.
Like this, people should have a hobby that is not related with their job. I like surfing and cooking. When I surf, I can forget my job and this kind of activity reduces your stress.

(b)In terms of expanding your network, hobbies and activities out side of your work would be helpful. If your hobby was working, you could only meet with your colleagues. Making the relationship of your co-workers is good for you but your friends out side of your work place will stimulate you and give you a new value.
Some people might assert that people would enjoy golfing with colleague but I think sharing your leisure time with your colleague includes some risks.

For example, if you were manager and went golfing with your subordinates and they were better than you, you would lose your face. In addition to that, I think some people think go golfing with specific people would not fair.

Therefore, I think it's better to have your network out side of your workplace.