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Jan 1, 2012 18:18 Sapporo
I'm in Sapporo, Hokkaido. As you can see, Sapporo has snow and illuminations along the roads.
I grew up in Sapporo until 22years old and moved to Tokyo. I went back to Sapporo for my new year vacation.
There are a lot of snow and every year, we held snow festival. It's held between Jan-Feb and many foreigners come to Sapporo.

I like visitors from many countries, but the problem is that they bring flu from Hongkong every winter...
Sapporo is very popular to Chinese because seeing snow is one of a status for rich people and some TV drama used Sapporo for filming site.
My German collegue likes Rumen,(Rumen is a Japanese nudle). I believe he must like Sapporo because there are many famous Rumen restaurants.

Famous food in Sapporo.Gingiskan(Ram barbecue), Rumen.

I hope you come to Sapporo and enjoy seeing beautiful snow!