Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should begin studying a foreign language as soon as they start school.

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Jul 26, 2011 22:05 TOEFL Essay
It’s common to speak second language recently. My German colleague can speak Germany, English and French and all of India colleague can speak English. I think it is important to learn foreign language but there are some issues when children speak other language in childhood.

First issue is developing a nationalism and identity. If you are Japanese, but lived in America when you were a child, most of your friends might be American. In this case, it was difficult to learn Japanese culture when you were an elementary school student even if you were able to speak Japanese.

Learning culture and history of your home country is important when you work. I work for an American IT company but I emphasis Japanese culture when I talk with executives because they hire me to dig a Japanese market and expect me to teach it. Executives won’t hire the American who can speak Native level Japanese because he/she doesn’t know the Japanese culture, business laws and manners.

Childhood is the best time to learn a foreign language. Children’s minds are ready to learn many new things. When children learn foreign languages, they learn them as well as their native language. Many studies have shown that learning a language helps the child’s mind develop.

Learning foreign languages has many advantages for everybody. It contributes to our intellectual development and our understanding of the world. The younger a language student is, the more advantages he or she gets from learning the language.
However, the best time for a child to start studying a foreign language is when he or she starts elementary school. I don’t recommend that a child to start studying it when he/she is a baby.