boring day

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Oct 27, 2008 23:51
Today, I went to faculty for a class. The lecturer has often been late and doesn't tell us what time next class is. Actually, we have a fixed schedule for all classes. But he has met this schedule of a few of time. I really don't like him. But no choice. After I arrived at the classroom and asked other guys. They have no idea either. Only one thing to do is to wait. Finally, class was canceled, AGAIN. However, this stuff was not really bad things for today. After that, I went to research room for my paper work. A friend told me that we do not download with Download tools,like Bitcomment . What the hell! So from now on, if i would download some papers, only one thing to do is click links one by one. It must waste my time and make my so boring. No choice, AGAIN.