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Jun 4, 2010 21:03
Now we have a weekend at last!

I'm a kind of depressed, because my English is poor.... It's stressful for me to speak English in front of my boss. The only place I can enjoy English is here on Lang-8!

By the way, right now, I've witten my profile in English . I'm very glad if someone correct my profile below, because it's not cool if the profile is wrong. ^^;

Here is my profile;

Hi, I'm Yuki. 
Thank you for stop by!

I'm Japanese, and learning English for my job.

I like traveling both abroad and around Japan. I have been to Hawaii,Saipan, NY, Boston, LA, Toronto, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong.

Now I really want to go to Europe and see a lot of architectures, churches and museums there. In Japan, my favarite place is Kyoto. I like old temples, shrines, and their gardens. I also love "hot springs" in Japan.

My favorite food is Sushi, especially Samons. Here in Japan, we have interesting Sushi restrants called "sushi boats"(sushi-go-round restaurant)("Kaiten-zushi" in Japanese) ! They serve a variety of Sushi, and taste relly good! You should try them.

I'm glad if we can learn from each other. I like teaching Japanese, so feel free to contact me(・ω・。)ノThanks☆

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