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Jun 1, 2010 21:30

some of our cliants are coming in 3 weeks from UK and I have to join the dinner meeting with them as a ....translator.

It's too much for me..... I don't think I can transrate or have conversation with them in front of my bosses.

How can it be possible that I'm be able to speak English fluently in 3 weeks!

The problem is that my boss believes I can speak English fluentry.


help me.......(ノω<。)


私には荷が重過ぎます>< 上司の前で、通訳したり会話したり出来るとは思えません。。。。


問題は、、、、上司はみんな私が英語がペラペラだと思っているんです。。。。 どうしよう(ノд-。)