Korea is one of the Asian countries I admire so much.

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Mar 13, 2017 00:48
Korea is one of the Asian countries I admire so much. Although a small country between the two big countries, Japan and China, also bear the aftermath of war, South Korea has grown to become one of the four dragons of Asia. The dream of working for a Korean company. SamSung group was my goal while sitting in school.
I would like to work in SamSung for the following reasons:
A foreign corporation with a history of more than 70 years of development from a small company to a world-leading corporation. Proven to grow and develop non-stop in the future.
Samsung has a professional working environment. Working with foreigners helps me improve my foreign language and my ability to communicate. The relationship between the boss and the staff is friendly.
Samsung's compensation is quite high, the compensation and promotion opportunities are fair compared to other businesses
Being a large foreign corporation in Vietnam creates a lot of jobs for the Vietnamese people.
One subjective reason is that I really like Samsung products. it is very beautiful especially the slim phones and the brilliant screen. I would like to be working at Samsung to be involved in the manufacturing process to creat the same product. For these reasons I am looking forward to working for Samsung Corporation. Hopefully one day I can become a Samsung employee.
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