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Jun 24, 2018 17:54
I've been learning English for many years and now I can speak it more or less. My English is not even close to perfect, but people usually understand me, and l can explain what I want. Even when I don't know some particular word I can express the meaning using other words and it usually works. And I know I will never be able to speak as good as a native speakers do, I will never be able to learn all the words and rules. Sometimes it makes me feel helpless, when I imagine how much knowlege is waiting for me to learn it. I just don't know what to do next. If I respect my companions, people who speak with me, l should try to improve my English. But what words and what grammar rules should I learn first? When I read of course I find lots of new words in books, but when
I try to find out the meaning it usually turns out that the same meaning can be expressed with some easier words and if I hear the word for the first time it seems not so important to learn it. Maybe I'm just lazy but l can't make myself do anything while I can say the same thing in a different way. I know that I can't remembber everything so I should try to learn the words and expressions that are often used. But how and where can I find it out?
What to start from? Did anyone else got to this point in learning foreign languages? How did you decide what to learn next?

Sorry, so much "I". Sounds selfish.

It's very unpleasant to cofess that I have such thoughts.
It must be funny when a person like me who makes so many mistakes in speech, asks "what am I supposed learn?", as the answer is "Everything", but that is the problem. I need some orientation point, and I hope somebody can help me with finding it.
It was much easier when teachers told me what to learn. But now I shoud decide how to act myself. I should make up with it and make a plan. Now or never. Because learning language never ends, it's a lifestyle. And if you don't learn something new, you're waisting your skills.