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Aug 8, 2010 20:15
There couldn't be such beautifull landscape to meditate on.The sunlight glancing off the broad see...But unimaginably something wrong was happening.

I took a peek just around me and guess what 3 Hyenas was just meditating near me .I was frightened.I slapped my cheek to verify whether it was a dream or the truth...But it wasn't a dream .I was afraid from their lethal jaw i knew that it was the end ,this is gonna hinder all my dreams.

Suddenly they started speaking : "What a beautifull landscapes isn't it?"
I was O__o (hyenas speaking ????? what's going on???)
Hyenas:"Follow us and you will be alright" I swiftly answered:" Yes sir ".
Then I followed them. they took some secret passage that couldn't be found easily.
After walking for one hour.We finally arrived at destination it was the hyenas village,it was very shocking some Hyenas was fencing with their lethal katana
you could hear the clashing sound very well it was frightning others were playing karate ,some of them were just doing nothing.
Hyenas:"Move on "
They took me into a temple a magnificient temple with a huge hyenas status over the rooftop.

Suddenly when i entered the temple there was some hyenas praying my mind couldn't believe what was happening i had a terrible headache .
Again they drove me to another room.The walking was tedious .
I was asking where they are taking me?

Entered that room again there was a dark staircase.We downed the stairs.
At my astonishement i've never saw such a beautiful place there was a big Hyenas sitting on a huge Royal chair it seemed to be their king.

He was admiring the landscape that i described while ago i don't know how it could be possible.I was still under the surprise ,suddenly o loud voice was coming from the whole building : wake up ,wake up you are late for your university what are they gonna say you have entered the most renowned university on the city so don't be lazy ...

Grrrr it was my mother voice, but i was still in the dream i told to the hyenas bye bye let's continue this script next time it was on the middle of the film and I was the hero ...Suddenly a terrible slap made me wake up like a zombie i smiled and took my way into the daily routine.
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