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Aug 5, 2010 08:56
It's been a while since i'm struggling my mind into improving my english writting skills but i happened that i was doing it the wrong way.
What is important is not how much vocabulary you learn but rather insert it in your daily activities so i thought about thinking up a small script in wich i'll use some new fresh vocabulary i learned let's start with ...
Taut :1-Tightly streched .
2-Showing strain;tense .
3-tidy,well-disciplined ,efficient.
Synonyms are : unyielding,firm,streched,tense rigid,set.

...When she knew about it,Marine showed a taut smile. It's like she was given a harsh smack on her cheek.Marine to her friend : "Don't fool with me i'm sure you're joking you are a taut girl and it's not costumary that you say ...non-sense stuff".Marine's eyes was set onto her friends lips waiting for the final answer.
(i used yourdictionnary dot com )
Mariline to Marine : "You looks too stiff "..." Well it's the truth i'm not joking.
Mariline to Marine : "Well let's go to Bati's restaurant it's a really taut place maybe it would refresh your thoughts".
hhhh sorry don't know either what Mariline said to Marine xD
Well hope this is he outset of a new way of learning to me .
Discovering lang-8 was very nice .
see you soon don't have that unyielding look on me i'll try to know what happened in that script but It's not sure i'll success.
I think those words are mainly used when someone is under pressure or in a such situation that makes him/her feel not at ease ...a taut smile,she was taut with nerves.
See you soon.