English Autobiography (a little long, need help, thanks :D)

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Apr 14, 2012 20:54
International trade has fascinated me ever since I participated in a lecture given by one of the alumni from my department. As a language-major student, to compensate for my lack of the basic knowledge about this field, I enthusiastically enrolled in some related courses while studying in XXX University. My personal traits such as enthusiasm, responsible nature, gregariousness, and good social skills are conducive to your company’s working environment. Despite my lack of professional experience, I believe my solid academic background and language ability can contribute positively to your company.
I enrolled in Practical English, International Trade and International Economics in order to deepen my understanding of the operation of international trade. I have also acquired TOEIC diploma scoring 975. In the near future, I plan to take DELE and Level C technician for International Trade Management so as to broaden my language ability and strengthen the professional knowledge about international trade.
I have always been a responsible and enthusiastic person. Serving as Professor XXX’s Spanish research assistant, I am always determined to solve any problem regardless of the complexity of it. Because Professor Lu has faith in my ability, she offered me different opportunities. For example, I have co-written academic theses with two professors and attended two symposia for oral presentations. After working as an assistant for six months, Professor Lu appointed me as the person in charge of two jobs. I became responsible for arranging, organizing the jobs and supervising other assistants. I believe being responsible and diligent makes me ready for facing any challenge that comes to me.
In addition to leading a team, I value collaborative spirit as well. My classmates and I were just selected as the XXX by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will have a cultural exchange in Australia in August. Out team stood out in a keen competition with other universities in Taiwan as we finished our exchange proposals designed respectively for each country by taking full advantage of collaborative teamwork.
I have also cultivated my communicative skills through participation in extracurricular activities. I actively participated in International Students Association where I can not only strengthen my English ability but also develop my social network. Besides, I served as interpreter in Fall American Education Fair held by AIEF and as school ambassador of AIEF. Being a bridge between two groups of people taught me how to communicate with others effectively and express my opinions clearly.
I am confident of my ability to perform tasks efficiently, and to adjust to your company’s organizational culture. If given the chance, I would play my part and wholeheartedly contribute to your company’s goals.

(P.S. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. :D)