Hi,I'm Sharagon.This is my first diary.

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May 25, 2010 23:27
Hi,I am Sharagon.I am Japanese.

I have just registered with this site,and still not sure about it.

I have studied English for a long time.
My English is getting better very slowly.
I am a plodder.

Last week, I asked my friend who is good at English about how to learn the language.
And he advised me that writing is a good way to improve my language skill.
Few days later,I found this site.

Recently,I like drumming and dancing.
I like Jembe(African drum) and Frame Drum.
Though I am still beginner,I practice them almost every day.
Drumming is very comfortable for me.

About dancing,I have started learning Jazz dance since March this year.
So,I am a beginner for dancing,too.