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Oct 30, 2018 23:12
Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Everyone has wishes, dreams, and plans, but not everyone’s dreams come true. Their wishes may not be fulfilled and their plans may not be carried out. Sometimes we think one thing, but something else happens.

Through the course of my life, I have learned that there will always be some vacuums in the heart. If the old ones are filled, the new ones would appear somehow. Time can fill the gaps, and it can bring about the new ones as well. Life never remains the same. Every day brings a new blank and fills one or two already present.

It is not necessary that our every dream should come true. Sometimes some dreams which remain only dreams play an important role in our lives to organize ourselves better. Some wishes which only remain wishes make us strong and give us enthusiasm to work actively in the lives. Life cannot always be a smooth sailing. The ups and downs are essential parts of life. They make us realize what life actually is.

At times we need to abandon our plans, wishes, and dreams for the sake of our family, friends, and loved ones. Happiness that comes after the sacrifice of our dreams, wishes, and plans has a different charm and taste. When some songs are left unsung, their silence can echo more than a thunder in the ears. Some stories unwritten and some unread can save us from the disturbance of our minds. Some regrets in the past can make us careful in the present. Some sins in the past can make us pious in the present. Even some unspoken words can draw the attention of others.

All the regrets and sadness will decay once we begin to love our present condition. We try different ways and options to escape from the realities. Sometimes we listen to songs to satisfy our mind and heart. Sometimes we console ourselves with happy thoughts to give relief to our mind and heart. Also, some of us take refuge in writing. I am one of those people. It would not be wrong to call this piece of writing an attempt in a certain point of time to keep the eye away from the holes in my heart and let myself breathe some sighs of comfort. Many of us find different ways to escape from pain. I also have applied different methods, such as going for a walk, sitting on the bank of the river, walking on the wet grass, and sometimes sitting under a tree in the open grounds. Still, I have not found any good escape or remedy or something with which I can fill these spaces in the heart. Some of you while reading this might think this is a dramatic story, and some of you might be feeling that this is the exact thing which has happened in your lives, too. Whether you agree or not, you, too, have been trying to fill some kind of void in your heart or mind by reading this piece of writing or trying to find something through which you can entertain your heart and relieve your feelings.

In every state of man, there are always some elements of sadness, and some elements of regrets. At the end of our lives, we think we should have lived our lives fully no matter what our circumstances were. We all need to learn to manufacture our own happiness in every walk of our lives. Some moments come in our lives when we have to deal with everything alone. Just as a bird in the sky sometimes flies solo, there are roads we need to travel alone. With all the vacuums in our hearts and minds, we have to learn to spend our lives happily.