Living Mother Lake - Yang Erche Namu's story (part one)

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Dec 23, 2010 10:27
I’ve been reading this book for a whole week. it’s called Living Mother Lake, telling stories about Yang Erche Namu’s childhood and youth. When I turned the book to the back cover, I am glad that I think the book worth the time and money I spent on it.
I’ve always been interested in her life story instead of herself as a celebrity. Many people argue about her because she is too special for the society, not only her ethnic background but also the way she is living her life. She is unique.

The first book I’ve read by her is called Seven year itch. I remember that I was attracted by the cover and the name of the book at first sight in the school library. I was a third year college student and it was my first time heard the saying seven year itch. A while later I knew randomly that there was an equivalent term in Chinese called 七年之痒.

There are too many arguments about her. Some people love her as much as the others hate her. As for me, I think of her as a smart and strong woman who has been working hard all her life to peruse her dreams and fight for her destiny.

I always think people are born unequal although there is an famous speech told us man are born equal. I just don't believe it when I look at this material society. But no matter what kind of family you are born into, you have every right to fight for your dreams, like Yang Erche Namu did.

Namu grew up in Moso country, which is isolated to the outside world. The book told us her childhood and what was it like to be a girl growing up in Moso country. It is an undoubtly unique story. Maybe the story has been polished to become more eye-catching, so more copies of the book can be sold, but nothing can make Namu a less fabulous woman.

Travel changes people’s life, as we can tell from Namu’s story. When she was chosen to take part in a singing contest, her destiny had been changed forever. She didn't speak Chinese nor did she know anything about the outside world. She was overjoyed to take the trip with two other Moso girls. I try my best to imagine how shocked she was to discover things like airplanes and trains and ice-cream, even woman’s bra during her destiny-changing trip. It must be a marvelous experience for a teenage Moso girl. She had no idea how a civilized city looked like until she saw it with her own eyes, because at that time, they didn't have internet, or the videos or pics to show them the outside world.

They won the contest and they won some money. They sang and they won, sang and won, until the trip took them as far as Beijing. While the two other girls were excited to go home and bring their families and lovers great gifts from the city, she just felt sad to be leaving. When she was back to her village and became a star there, she was offered the fifteen Yuan a month job to cook for the village teachers, which should be an honor to her family. But the trouble was, she didn't want to be a star in her little village, She wanted to see more of the world. she wanted to be a star in the big world. Thanks to her dreams, this thought finally took her as far as America and Europe many years later,which is far far away from her Moso country.

(to be continued)