Cigarettes prices were raised!! And how are you!?

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Oct 7, 2010 15:13
Hi everyone!! How are you??

I am fine ! and I am very busy for preparing for departuring!

I will get to Toronto on November 1st!

People who live in Toronto, please be my friend!!

I will make the most of Toronto life!

I have a worry for smoking.

In Japan,Cigarettes prices were raised by government!

Japanese government has shorted of they want to gather much money from the citizen as a sin tax!!

Before they raised the price, the price was 300yen. It about 3dollars .

but,from now on,the price is 410yen!! Oh my gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!

then,I think I should quit smoking.

Have you ever try to quit smoking?

and How have you fulfill it??

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