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Sep 7, 2016 07:12 English
Dear Mr, Mrs

I am writing in response to your recently advertised position on « » for the Program Assistant position in the China Coal Policy Project based in Beijing. I am very interested by the opportunity to work for the The Natural Resources Defense Council, and I believe that my academic backgrounds as well as my personnal strenghts would make me a strong candidate.

The nature of my degree courses has prepared me for this position. I have a strong academic grounding in Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate Change, having completed a Bachelor in Geography, Zoning and Environment. During my third year of Bachelor, I had also to
prepare with my classmates an event about jobs in the geography field. While contacting professionals to participate in this meeting and organizing every aspects that this conference entailed like generate a budget, create advertisements and coordinate the timetable, I learnt how to make contacts in a professional area, as well as refine my skills in organising and creating professional events. During the event,I was also required to stimulate a discussion between the students and these professionals.
In order to complete my education, I will begin this october an at distance Master of Geography specialised in Territorial Intelligence, Territory Planning and Governance in Global South.

Previously, I had also completed a lot of part-time jobs, which even if they weren't directly connect to the Sustainable Development and Energy fields, allowed me to develop a lot of personal skills useful for this position. For instance, I worked as a front counter in McDonald's and as an hostess in the agency « Class & Chic » for the 68th National (French) Chartered Accountant Congress. In these positions I increased my skills in team-working, as well as the competence to remain calm and effective while managing multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.

Even if my mothertongue is French, my one year stayed and worked in Melbourne, Australia, allowed me to have a fluent level in oral and writing english and to pass the IELTS test level 7,5. I also studied Mandarin Chinese, both in Anhui University in Hefei and in the Beijing Science and Technology University where I obtained recently the HSK level 5.

I feel that my combination of my motivation to work in the areas of Sustainable Development and Clean Energy, as well as my academic knowledges and my personal skills achieve through experiences, make me a qualified candidate for this position.
I will be very exited to be a part of your group in China, helping your team to reduce the country's carbon footprint to accelerate an energy transition to a low-carbon economy.
Thank you for considering my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,