I have lived overseas for last 2 and half a year.

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Jun 15, 2018 09:27 myself
I have lived overseas for last 2 and half a year. For first a year, I have stayed alone in Myanmar, and then I have shared a room with Filipino male friend. He was nice guy, who was working as a gym instructor but
we were in trouble due to house work. After that, I have shared a room with other two Japanese friends.
We have helped each other on the site to deal with the hardships like stopping water and electricity. Later, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand. The life was on the other side for a year. The room completely furnished with house supply and electric things even a pool in the addition to much cheaper rent fee than in Tokyo. Right now I live in my home town with my family and I am going to live alone near Shinjuku area because the office will move there.