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May 5, 2011 13:11
Long time no see

I have been learning in dirty word in english...
My English friends are sometimes imporite people><lol

But I think all guys are very good for me
Because they are very kind!!

My English is very poor and very slowly...
Every guys wait for my English and correct it
so i like them
Im not sure,
my female friend will go out with a man who is a very good parson.
so I hope it^^

I like gossips^^
My maleboyfriend was in falling love to my female friend~
I was glad to hear it and I was exciting lol

I went to a party for the first time at my friend's house in Sydney~
I had a soooo good time!!And I could make more friends^_^
I wanna go to there every weekend lol

thant's all
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