I'll start writing a blog here again.

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Feb 13, 2018 08:01
I'll start writing a blog here again.

I was watching some youtube videos about learning English.
They said you should write a small blog in fifteen minutes every day.

That's really interesting to me because I tend to spend a lot of time for writing a blog. Actually, that's not so good because It's getting hard to continue to write it.
If I set the time for it, I'll be able to focus on it, and it's easy to correct it because it doesn't need so much time to correct it.

I'd like to keep doing something small things.
Please correct my sentences naturally. Thanks


これはとても私にとって興味深かったです。なぜなら私はブログを書くことに対して長い時間を掛けがちでした。 もし私が時間を区切ると私はきっとそれに対して集中できるだろうし、ブログも訂正しやすいものになるでしょう。なぜならそれ訂正に長い時間を必要としないからです。

私の文章を自然な感じでなおしてください。 ありがとう