Quarterlife crisis

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Oct 12, 2018 03:11
A lot of people my age are talking about this quarterlife crisis thing.The quarterlife crisis occurs when there's a major change in our lives - the transition from childhood to adulthood, from the academic world to the "real" world of work. Young people are faced with many important questions such as "Which career should I choose?", "When should I think about starting a family?", or, more immediately "Should I continue to live with my parents or become more independent and move out into rented accomodation?" At this age some twentysomethings may have an incredible feeling of disillusionment with adult life, which fails to live up to their expectations. Young people are too easily influenced by media and culture of celebrities. In a TV-series "Friends", for example, there is a group of twentysomethings sharing this enormous, expensive flat in New-York. And young people watch and think: "That's what I want". When the realisation hits them that they can't have it, they feel cheated.There seems to he a failure among youngsters to understand that there is a limit to what they can realistically hope to achieve in 20-s .They lack maturity or they just need to grow up.