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Oct 4, 2010 23:44
I sometimes couldn't think of anything to talk about.
I am reticent by nature.

I found good article yesterday.
The article said "if you notice these subjects,it prevent you from shortage of topics.
It is Japanese words"たちつてとなかにはいれ"

た(食べ物) the story of foods
ち(地域)  the story of local district or hometown
つ(通勤・通学)the story of commutation or going school
て(天気)the story of weather
と(富) the story of wealth and economy
な(名前) the story of name or place name
か(体) the story of body and health
に(ニュース) the story of news
は(流行) the story of trends
い(異性) the story of the opposite sex
れ(レジャー) the story of holiday or leisure

I assented to it.