New model of Sony VAIO

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Dec 10, 2011 15:48
Yesterday on my way to my office, I saw an advertisement of the new model of Sony pc.
This is what's on the post:
It's a ring of Pro-wrestling or boxing.
The referee is counting down. But whom he is facing to is not a player, it is a PC, new model of Sony Vaio.
It looks just like a TV set. It's all in one pc, the monitor and pc box is combined together, it's slim. And mouse and keyboard are wireless.
The appeal point of this pc is 'you can boot up it and watch tv just in 5 seconds'.
Actually I connect my desktop with my big liquid crystal television and use it as an monitor at home, because I want to watch the online movie on the big scree.
But, one another hand, this kind of 'all in one' type pc is very difficult to do hardware extension, adding memories, extending hard disk... Also if you want to make a cleaning inside your computer, comparing with dell, it is so inconvenience!
I know the reason (this kind of pc should be very compact), and I believe it should be a good pc, but it is not suitable for me.
I use my pc as a computer much more often than a tv set:)