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I have excellent English language skills. I am an ex-member of Mensa with 99.9999%th percentile on the GRE.

I will correct language for my friends first. I prefer to correct entries that have not yet been corrected; it is too much work to verify if another person's corrections are already good enough. If I see that I can do better than another person's corrections I may go ahead to correct an entry. Also you may always ask me to correct something of yours whether someone else has already provided corrections or not.

You can also ask me specific or general questions about English, in comments or in messages. I may wish to publish a reply to a question publicly, so if you wish my conversations with you to remain private, please tell me this at the time you ask the question.

Please do not offer me any more corrections, as I am not yet able to construct even the most basic sentence in Japanese yet. I first have to learn to read and write Katakana and Hiragana, then move on to the (very large number of) Kanji. I have 26 books about the Japanese language but have not yet had the time to devote to them. Yes, I have two books about "particles", wa, ga, no and so forth.

I want to move to Japan to live for a while at least. I was told that Hokkaido is very nice; however, my apologies but I do not like snow or the cold. I lived on Guam (Marianas Islands that include Saipan) from age 4 to age 10 and then in Miami (Florida US) from age 10 to age 16 and want warmth (but not too hot for too long) and strong Sun. Other people have recommended either Fukuoka or Osaka, or Okinawa. I don't care where I live as long as it is not too far away from a City, not too far away from the Country, and not too far away from the Ocean. :) I would probably not like to live in an area too densely populated and I am no longer impressed with "a fast-paced life" - technological addiction has its place - with me as its master. :)

If I come there you are all in big trouble because I call myself 思金の息子 or 思金の孫, but I have too much a sense of humor to be only grim, so I also say that perhaps I am the nephew of 恵比須 (and you see it is his image I use for my avatar.)

Please go see the web page
I am going to expand that page as time goes on. Feel free to suggest things I can add there.

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親方師ゴミくずそして彼の残飯の舎利別 With native lang

  • 428
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  • Japanese 
May 12, 2016 12:53

Tell me there's no past progressive tense in Japanese so I can just shoot... With native lang

Tell me there's no past progressive tense in Japanese so I can just shoot myself now. "I have been resting." watashi ...
  • 519
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  • Japanese 
May 10, 2016 20:08

(0) With native lang

(0) 私はクモを殺すために使用されます。今、私はそれらをキャッチし、屋外でそれらを置きます。 (1) 過去には、私はクモを殺しました。 今、私はそれらをキャッチし、屋外でそれらを置きます。 (2) 過去には、私はクモを殺しました。 今、私...
  • 566
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  • Japanese 
Mar 21, 2016 14:39

私は、優れた英語力を持っています。 With native lang

私は、優れた英語力を持っています。私はGRE上の99.9999%パーセンタイルとメンサの元メンバーです。私も日本語を書くために開始する前に、カタカナとひらがなを学ばなければならないので、私は今だけのためにあなたの英語を訂正します。 (私は、機械翻訳を使用してだまさ。) :)
  • 793
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  • Japanese 
Feb 24, 2016 22:43
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