I set an alarm at 8 am.

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Feb 26, 2018 00:02
I set an alarm at 8 am. this morning to attend TOEIC test on time. There was a heavy rain while I was going out. My shoes were totally wet. I really want to go home and change my snickers to slippers then, but I didn't, seems it isn't appropriate. It is very distracting and uncomfortable during the entire test.

I didn't finish the reading parts, I feel very sleepy after listening 100 questions, I think I should get more practice being concentrate in such long time. I can anticipate the score won't be very pretty this time. It is very tired chasing high scores sometimes.

Waiting for the score be announced till 3/19.
I'll rest for a day, then continue preparing for the next license test on 3/4.
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