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Jan 16, 2018 16:59
Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores, one of my favorite singers, was one of greatest voices in the world and and also a amazing songwriter.
How to forget songs like "Zombie", "Ode to my family" or "Salvation". They are very good songs, good lyrics, good sounds too. I feel very identified with her music and it hurts her inexpected death.
Actually there are few good musicians of good music . It only remains to listen to old rock music as new one, disappoints a lot.
Evidently the greats of Rock music are leaving us, at least they leaving us a good legacy as well.
And and as the song says; "Sad but true"
Dolores is "Knocking on heaven's door" now and there will be "Tears in heaven" for a while but "All things must to pass" and "Show must Go On".
Good trip!
Long live the Rock!
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