There is a debate for every backpacker who want to venture visitin...

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Feb 22, 2018 11:16
There is a debate for every backpacker who want to venture visiting the " Parque Nacional Torres del Paine". For those who do not know what the "Torres del Paine" are, they are a group of spectacular and majestic mountains located in Chile South America, recently declared the eighth Wonder of the World.

Returning to that debate, we all discuss what kind of trail to do before venturing there is the "W" and "O" trail, if you are rookie and going for the first time, it is better that you do the "W" if you go a second time, got more time, and very good physical condition, you can do the "O"trail then.
The fact is that if you decide to go to this place there are several things that you have to do first, to organize your trip, prepare an itinerary, get a map and study it well, pay reservations very early, ( with Conaf, and others) schedule trip on a suitable date, not too cold and go in warm season, get all kind of nuts, camping gear and appropriate clothing, both physical and mental preparation as well.
Oh surprise, I was very confident though, I feeling very brave and I chose the" W" trail starting from "Laguna Amarga", in the Park entrance. I arrived to my first stop " Laguna Amarga", it is a green, blue, red lake as beautiful as hypnotic, it looks like an illusion. After that I went to "Campamento Torres" and I left my backpack there, to walk free of weight.
All was going well until I had to reach other place, "Mirador de las Torres" my second stop on the itinerary, I was practically climbing a mountain with no end, I slowly walked pff, some foreigners passed next to me who did not get tired, no effort and no mercy, nor complained, while I took breath and strength to continue, I was also a foreigner but what the hell do these foreigners eat? ( europeans, asians, and people from North america) and they never felt tired? Damns!
Hmm, very good physical condition, I guess! Anyway I have asthma, I'm always late, lol!

But somehow it was worth it, all the suffering, my heart was beating a thousand times per second, I reached my stop, I beat that fckng mountain, recovering strength, to keep walking downhill, but also I lost my self in that sight and took many photos, "Mirador Base de las Torres", checked / amazing stop! Wow!
I returned to "Campamento Torres" later, I was tired but I could not sleep because was excited about that experience.
On my next day, I went through "Los Cuernos" area, my third stop, hiking downhill, its like you want to cry, it's another world, it's another scenical place, you feel peace, your heart beat so loud, no words just watch the panorama in silence, thinking about how tiny we are in this world. Sometimes I think that to watch sunrises and sunshines in there, it should be mandatory, sprcially before to die. So. Los Cuernos" checked!

Time flow and that night I stayed in "Campamento Frances" On my third day I was able to enter into mountainous terrain in the middle of the "W" trail, from there you can see " Las Torres," ( 3 towers), "Los Cuernos" ( 2 horns), glaciers, rivers, lakes, more than 8 beautiful hills, different animals and vegetation, a great and privileged panoramic, so amazing that any photo you take will be so perfect for you.

In my last days , I arrived to "Glaciar Grey" was one of the last stops of my itinerary and I returned by catamaran later, a kind of boat tha it takes you to mainland, not without seeing one more time, those majestic and towering Cuernos ( Horns) and saying goodbye to such a wonderful place, while a cold and strong wind beats your face, like questioning why you leaving. I felt that I left something of myself there, a piece of my soul maybe, I felt like was leaving home and something it told me that I must go back, again, I hope so! Nobody tell you that you can leave a part of you in this place, a new check I guess!
In the end, I arrived to "Laguna Amarga" where my group and I could see two pumas in their natural habitat, another wonderful and sudden event and we closed with a flourish. A single word to summarize this trip, the word would be "SUBLIME", it's another universe, a fantastic space to raise awareness and find your self. A trip highly recommended. See ya again Torres del Paine.