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May 19, 2011 02:45
I couldn't stop crying after I heard my grandma's ward from my mom.

My grandma has been admitted with stroke since janurary. I was shocked when I heard she fall down by stroke. I thought I couldn't see her anymore because I was in Australia at that time. Thenafter foutunately I could meet her in Japan in order to her incredible recovery. She couldn't speak and her limbs were paralyzed though. Even though we couldn't talk each other, we could feel each other in our hands and with her bare visible eyes;-)

My mom and grandma actually hadn't got along for long time until the emergency has affected grandma, even who are her own daughter or mother. As far as I know, they didn't have enough conversation while they were living together.

One day, my relatives asked my grandma where she wanted to live after discharge because grandma had a plenty of choice where she was discharged.
My grandma answerd in a small voice " I want to back to home where I was living with my daughter( my mom)... because I think she might feel lonely when she is alone."
My mom has lived nearly by herself during the week since granma was hospitalized because my father is busy and normally away on business.
Therefore, my grandma must be worried about my mom.

I was deeply impressed by my grandma, she is always thinking about her daughter even under her serious condition.
I realized mother could accepte everything of children with her big love and loved her children eternally as my mom does.
My mom is looking after granma now and she said " I do whatever I can do for my mother", and
" I'm regretting that I couldn't be kind to her".

I know my mom has been good to my grandma behind everyone's back.
I knew that the real kindness which comes from love can be called "filial piety". It doesn't mean to give their parents money.

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